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2. Sierra Cataloging: Item Entry - Basics

This course is designed to show the basics of the cataloging function in Sierra and the different types of records you’ll be encountering while doing item entry work.

Video approximately 9 min.

It is recommended to download/review associated files/documents prior to watching video.

This course is self-paced but please use the "Send message" function under "Messages" to contact the course instructor(s) if you have questions or need assistance.

For the quiz, you are allowed to move back and forth to next/previous questions. You will not be able to view entire quiz at one time but feel free to go back through the quiz to review your answers before submitting.
  • Sierra Cataloging: Item Entry - Basics Video
  • PrairieCat Cataloging Item Entry Training Manual
  • Sierra Cataloging: Item Entry - Basic Quiz
  • Item Entry - Basics Survey
Completion rules
  • You must complete the test "Sierra Cataloging: Item Entry - Basic Quiz"
  • Leads to a certification with a duration: Forever