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How to Search Sierra, Part 1 (BB101)

Course Description: This course explains the Search/Holds function and introduces you to the information contained in catalog records.

Membership Level: Union List, Basic Online, and Fully Participating

Video: Approximately 19 minutes.

Course Objectives:

- Understand the information displayed on the Search/Holds screen
- How to use facets to narrow a search
- Understand the data you're searching by knowing how to read a catalog record

A Searching Workbook is available on the PrairieCat support site. The workbook is in addition to the videos and is intended to be used as a separate training exercise after the videos have been viewed.

Course Tips:

Before starting the course, verify you can log in to the PrairieCat support site to access policies and procedures documentation. Library staff will use their L2 username and password to log in to the PrairieCat support site.

It is recommended to download/review associated files/documents prior to watching video.

This course is self-paced but please use the "Send message" function under "Messages" to contact the course instructor(s) if you have questions or need assistance.

For more help navigating TalentLMS, see the quick guides in the How to Use TalentLMS course.
  • How to Search Sierra, Part 1 Video
  • Searching in Sierra documentation
  • How to Search Sierra Effectively Workbook
  • How to Search Sierra, Part 1 Quiz
Completion rules
  • You must complete the test "How to Search Sierra, Part 1 Quiz"